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Billy realized that projectile-firing weapons were ineffective, and neither was running away. His only alternative was to discard his rifle and literally make the fight of his life. They find the remains of [Captain?

They are making a last stand firing in all directions something very troubling when you realize these are experienced jungle fighters. At this point we have a mystery, but this is the first data point in a trend. Billy looks troubled while touching his amulet or talisman.

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Mac comments that Billy has been acting squirrelly all morning. This is an indicator that the amulet has specific meaning to Billy. Blaine is killed instantly by an unknown weapon since his mortal wounds are highly unusual. Billy, and the others, should notice that Blaine was the most heavily armed with that stylized six-barrel man-portable Gatling gun — and it was ineffective.

In Hard Times, Born to Pirouette (to Elton John) at the Imperial Theater - The New York Times

It wants its trophy. Mac says he saw it.

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Later he says he saw something. These are not references to people. Later he states that he fired with no chance that what he hit could have lived.

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Billy makes his last stand. They come to a narrow bridge of sorts a fallen tree over water.

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Billy knows that running will not work. He knows that bullets will not work.

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It will also force it to approach him on a very narrow path in full view where being a chameleon will not completely work. He correctly thinks that Predator cannot fly. So, this is the spot. But Billy must make Predator choose to not simply cut him down like the rest.

Lil Nas X goes down the 'Old Town Road' with Billy Ray Cyrus, Chris Rock in new video

How to do this? He discards his rifle. He realizes that his vest will just impede his ability to move, and it will be no defense. He discards it. He wraps it around his weapon hand. He issues the invitation or challenge by swiping the blade across his chest and drawing blood. The invitation works ; Predator approaches him on the bridge. Billy had little to no chance of surviving. He knew that. But he went with his best chance: close combat. What kind of traveler are you?

On the plane do you sleep? Watch movies? Read books? I have a hard time sleeping on planes for long periods of time. I usually use the flight as an opportunity to work, write, catch up on emails, or scroll Twitter. For hours at a time. My most recent flight from New York to L. That drove me crazy. If I can be on Twitter or Instagram and somehow be connected to people on the ground, that helps me not focus on the turbulence of the plane.

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