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The defeated foe must be a living, helpless, corporeal creature of Hit Dice equal to or greater than half the blood god disciple's own Hit Dice, or such a creature killed in the past minute. The eidolon must spend a full-round action to eat some of the opponent. This is done as a coup-de-grace to the target done with a natural attack typically a bite.

Once the feeding is complete, the summoner may manifest one 1-point evolution. This lasts for 1 minute per class level. The evolution's effects uses the beneficiary's Hit Dice and ability scores rather than the eidolon's. He may only apply one use of this ability at a time using it a second time replaces any evolution manifested with this ability and can only manifest evolutions his eidolon has. At 5th level, when the blood god disciple uses blood feast, he may manifest one 2-point evolution instead of a 1-point evolution.

At 9th level, he may manifest up to two evolutions worth a total of 3 evolution points or fewer. At 13th level, he may manifest up to two evolutions worth a total of 4 evolution points or fewer.

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At 17th level, he may manifest up to three evolutions worth a total of 5 evolution points or fewer. At 3rd level, when a blood god disciple uses blood feast to manifest an evolution, he may grant one ally within 30 ft. This does not use additional daily uses of of the blood feast ability, regardless of the number of allies affected. At 7th, 11th, 15th, and 19th level, the blood god disciple can affect an additional ally with this ability. If the blood god disciple can manifest multiple evolutions per use of blood feast, his selected allies manifest these multiple evolutions as well.

This replaces the summon monster II spell-like ability. At 7th level, the blood god disciple can enter a rage when his eidolon is dismissed. When a blood god disciple dismisses his eidolon a standard action or the eidolon is dismissed because of damage or any other reason, the blood god disciple can rage like an unchained barbarian for a number of rounds equal to half his summoner level.

He may end this rage early just like an unchained barbarian, but if he does so, any remaining rounds of rage from this ability are lost. At level 11, this becomes greater rage. At level 19, this becomes mighty rage. The blood god disciple is not fatigued after a rage. This replaces the summon monster IV spell-like ability. At 11th level and 15th level, a blood god disciple selects an unchained barbarian rage power, which he may use when raging whether from the avatar gambit ability or actual barbarian rage.

Count summoner levels as barbarian levels when learning and using this rage power. This archetype works as written. Most summoners bond with one eidolon for their entire lives, but the broodmaster forges a link with multiple weaker eidolons that make up his brood. At 3rd level, instead of a single eidolon, a broodmaster summons two eidolons to his side, each less powerful than the single eidolon of a standard summoner.


At level 8, and each 5 levels thereafter, the broodmaster can summon an additional eidolon, to a maximum of five eidolons at 18th level. Each eidolon has it own base form and evolutions but all must have the same type and subtype.

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Once a broodmaster decides on the forms and abilities of his eidolons, they cannot be changed until the summoner gains a level. Each eidolon in the brood has statistics based on the summoner's level minus the number of eidolons in the brood. So a brood of two eidolons has the statistics of an eidolon belonging to a summoner of two levels lower, a brood of three are based on a summoner three levels lower, and so on. The broodmaster can summon and dismiss any or all of his eidolons with the same action a regular summoner summons or dismisses their single eidolon.

All of the eidolons in a brood are banished if the broodmaster is unconscious, asleep, or killed. However, each eidolon in the brood is sent back to its home plane individually when its hit points are reduced to a negative number equal to or greater than its Constitution score. The eidolons' link ability is modified in regard to magic items. Either the summoner or one of the eidolons can use each item slot.

The brood eidolons all gain the automatic benefits of any magic item worn by any of them, but only the actual wearer can activate abilities. For example, if the summoner wears a single magic ring, one of the eidolons can use one magic ring, since a character has two ring slots. If one of the brood wears a ring of elemental command air , they all get feather fall , but only the wearer can activate the other powers of the ring.

Age of Sigmar/Tactics/Order/Idoneth Deepkin - 1d4chan

Summoner abilities that target the eidolon, such as transposition, only target one of the brood eidolons, broodmaster's choice. At 3rd level, if all the broodmaster's eidolons are of Small size and have exactly the same base form and evolutions, they gain the swarming special attack.

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Swarming Ex Two Small creatures with the swarming ability can share the same square at the same time with no penalties. If two swarming eidolons in the same square attack the same foe, they are considered to be flanking that foe as if they were in two opposite squares. At 2nd level, the broodmaster can share the senses of one eidolon in his brood at a time. He can change which of his eidolons he shares senses with as a free action. This modifies bond senses. At 6th level, as a standard action, the broodmaster can either call one eidolon of his choice in the brood to his side with this ability, or the entire brood at once.

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  5. This modifies maker's call. At 10th level, a brood summoner can divert 1 point from each of his eidolons' evolution pools to add 2 evolution points to himself. This modifies aspect. Brood eidolons have to be within ft. When the broodmaster has exactly one eidolon within ft. When the broodmaster has 2 or more eidolons within ft. When all eidolons in the brood are reduced to a number of negative hit points equal to their Constitution scores, all excess damage remains with the summoner.

    This ability replaces life bond. At 18th level, a summoner can divert up to 2 of of each of his eidolons' evolution points to himself, gaining 3 evolution points for each point that he diverts.

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    This modifies greater aspect. Works with unchained summoners. A few summoners have a primal connection to the first world, and their power is tied to primal magic. It is not unusual for these summoners to associate with druids, for like druids, first worlders have a powerful tie to the natural world. Some first worlders are driven half-mad by the strange energies and intelligences that seep into their minds and bodies, though, and these poor souls are prone to lash out at loggers, druids, or innocent passersby without considering whether or not they are threats.

    If not using Everyman Unchained: Eidolons, use the fey eidolon outlined in the original archetype, or an unchained eidolon of the agathion, angel, daemon, azata, elemental, or protean subtype. If using Everyman Unchained: Eidolons, the first worlder's eidolon must be an outsider of the azata, einheriar, or elemental subtypes or of the fey type, an animal of the fey animal species, a humanoid ancestral spirit, a magical beast, a monstrous humanoid, or a plant. Remove all summon monster spells from the first worlder's spell list and add the corresponding summon nature's ally spells. This ability otherwise functions like the standard summoner's summon monster I ability and replaces that ability.

    The first worlder gains Summon Fey Ally as a bonus feat. Add the following spells to the first worlder's spell list at the indicated levels. The first worlder must still pick these spells as known spells in the normal fashion in order to cast them. This replaces and updates the shaitan binder archetype to incorporate genies of all elements. Shaitan binder was originally only open to oreads, and if following this lead this archetype can be restricted to ifrit fire focus , oread earth focus , sylph air focus , or undine water focus.

    Each genie binder must choose one of the classic elements to focus on; air, earth, fire, or water. Many class abilities of this archetype change depending on this focus. If the summoner has an elemental affiliation, like that of an ifrit, oread, sylph, or undine, the choice of element must match this tie.

    A genie binder must choose an elemental focus at 1st level. He must choose one of the classic elements; air, earth, fire, or water. If the genie binder is of one of the following races, he must choose the indicated element: Ifrit fire , oread water , sylph air , undine water. Genie binders have genie-related eidolons, elemental spirits can take many forms depending on the summoner's wishes. The genie binder must choose an elemental eidolon, and the element must match his elemental focus.

    If using Everyman Unchained: Eidolons, the genie binder can choose from the following eidolons: Outsider elemental, genie, mephit , animal elemental animal , or ooze elemental ooze. When the eidolon requires a choice of elements, the genie binder must always choose the element he is focused in.

    A genie summoner can only summon animals or creatures of a subtype matching their elemental focus when using summoning or planar binding spells and abilities.

    If a summoned creature would normally be celestial or fiendish they lose these templates and pick a simple elemental creature template depending on the summoner's elemental focus:. Rebuild Rules: Type gains the air subtype; Senses gains darkvision 60 ft. Rebuild Rules: Type The creature gains the earth subtype; Senses gains darkvision 60 ft. Rebuild Rules: Type gains the fire subtype The fire subtype confers immunity to fire and vulnerability to cold ; Senses gains darkvision 60 ft. Rebuild Rules: Type gains the water subtype; Senses gains darkvision 60 ft.

    An eidolon can learn an additional spell from an accessible list at the cost of one evolution point but can never have more spells from a higher level list than from any of the lower lists. This means that, to pick and additional spell from the level 8 list, the eidolon must first pick spells from the level 4 and 6 lists, and so on. The eidolon can change spell choices when it changes evolutions.

    At 4th level, select one spell from the following list: Dancing lights , daze , detect magic , ghost sound , light , mage hand , or touch of fatigue. These are spell level zero for the eidolon and known spells can used once per day. At 8th level, known spells can be used at will.

    Warframe: Madurai Focus Tree for Eidolon Hunting + Eidolon Shards