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Ben Kilpatrick was released from prison in and returned to crime. He was killed the following year attempting a train robbery in Texas. Bob Meeks died in an insane asylum in in Evanston, Wyo. Syd Albright is a writer and journalist living in Post Falls.

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Contact him at silverflix roadrunner. Cassidy was a cowboy and cattle rustler he much admired. Harry Longabaugh was caught stealing a gun, horse and saddle from a ranch in Sundance, Wyo. Harry Tracey took his violent ways to Oregon, even killing his brother-in-law. In August in a wheat field on a ranch owned by two brothers named Lou and Gene Eddy, he was wounded and surrounded by a deputy and five farmers. To avoid capture, he shot himself to death. She appears to be a refined type. After the Wild Bunch left, Ann Bassett helped a few other outlaws drifting into Robbers Roost, married cattleman Frank Willis and remained in Utah the rest of her life.

No, this isn't a photo of the Sundance Kid | PolitiFact Facebook fact-checks

She died in She married five times, lived on a ranch near Vernal, Utah, did some bootlegging during the Depression and died in after a horse knocked her down, breaking her hip. She was 90, and outlived all the Wild Bunch. Were Sundance and Etta ever married? A close-up view of the photo of Sundance and Etta reveals an engagement ring and another ring on her left hand.

Fifty stories could easily be written about the enduring saga of Butch and Sundance and the characters of the Old West that were part of their lives. This History Corner episode is but a small taste. Sundance is seated on left, and Butch on right October 06, at am Coeur d'Alene Press In s America, how could any TV comedy show be based on such sobering subjects as abortion, anti-Semitism, breast cancer, homosexuality, impotence, menopause, racism, rape, religion, the Vietnam W Read More. Get this Charley!

Sundance Kid

Back to Syd Albright. What really happened to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? February 14, at am Print Article. In the 19th century, according to PBS , "the Wild West drew enslaved blacks with the hope of freedom and wages. But two photos here of Longabaugh, including one from the Library of Congress, do not look like the image that appeared on Facebook.

Neither does this one. There was a black outlaw named Isom Dart that rode with Butch and Sundance from time to time. That might be the confusion.

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  • Do you hear me? All mine. Your soft white flesh is mine. His disembodied head with a Charlie Chaplin-like bowler hat glides past the window. Etta rises and stands at the front door, where Butch gestures for her to get on the crossbar.

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    Butch: Meet the future. Etta: Do you know what you're doing? Butch: Theoretically. Butch tries out the latest newfangled invention, with Etta precariously perched on the handlebars, accompanied by Burt Bacharach's contemporary smash hit, the Award-winning song: "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head" sung by B. Thomas, and lyrics by Hal David. As she watches from the loft of an old barn, he performs stunts to impress her, and ends up ungracefully tumbling onto the ground.

    After their bike ride as they walk back to the house, Etta asks about his plans with Sundance:. Etta: You've come to get him for the Flyer? Butch: Do you believe I'm broke already? Etta: Why is there never any money, Butch? Butch: I swear, Etta, I don't know. I've been working like a dog all my life and I can't get a penny ahead. Etta: Sundance says it's because you're a soft touch and always taking expensive vacations and buying drinks for everyone and you're a rotten gambler. Butch: Well, that might have something to do with it.

    At the front of her house, Butch lightly kisses her on the cheek, and she ponders their relationship:. Etta: Butch? Do you ever wonder if I'd met you first we'd been the ones to get involved?

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    Butch: Well we are involved, Etta. Don't you know that? I mean, you are riding on my bicycle. In some Arabian countries, that's the same as being married. Sundance: Hey, what are you doing? Butch: Stealing your woman. Sundance: scratching his butt Take her, take her. Butch: Well, you're a romantic bastard, I'll give you that.

    You can make cider here?

    The second robbery of the Union Pacific Flyer is less successful than the first. They again encounter stubborn - bruised and bandaged Woodcock guarding the safe in the express car: "Butch - you know that if it were my money, there is nobody that I would rather have steal it than you, but you see I am still in the employ of Mr. Harriman of the Union Pacific Railroad. I'm a grandmother and a female and I've got my rights! You can bull all the others but you can't bull me.

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    I've fought whiskey and I've fought gambling, and I can certainly fight you. Sundance and Butch pretend to be hurting the woman and imitate her voice, tricking Woodcock to open up the car's door. The inept Hole-in-the-Wall train robbers use too much dynamite to blow up the safe, now reinforced and larger.

    They blow up the entire railroad boxcar - a startlingly real explosion with a deafening sound and flash of light. Sundance laughingly jokes: "Do you think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?

    What Happened to Butch Cassidy Part 1

    In the distance, Butch notices an ominous black cloud from a second train locomotive and is bewildered: "Now what the hell is that? The President of the Railroad has anticipated their hold-up. Following the first train is another locomotive with a boxcar attached containing horses and a posse specifically formed to eliminate Butch and his gang. Before they can gather up the money, a formidable Superposse of a half-dozen men on horseback swiftly exits from the side of the boxcar - cued by the sounding of the train's whistle.

    Butch gives one look and senses trouble: "Whatever they're sellin', I don't want it!