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You can also explore the bird park by bicycle these can be hired at the park entrance as well as at many hotels. Covering around During the winter, migratory birds make their way to the park from as far away as Siberia.

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Apart from birds, the park is also home to antelopes, mongoose, a dozen or so snake species including cobras and pythons , and more than 50 types of butterflies. If you've got time, check out the 18th-century Lohagarh Fort, which is not as impressive as many other forts in Rajasthan but still worth a look. It has a small museum containing a medley of relics, from animal trophies to old paintings. Places to Stay and Eat Bharatpur has a pleasing selection of places to stay, which are also the best places to eat. If you don't mind staying a little way outside of the town's center, opt for the Bagh resort , one of Bharatpur's best choices.

Set in a pretty year-old, acre 4.

Amenities include a swimming pool, restaurant, and coffee shop. Agra-Achnera Road; tel. A popular mid-priced choice is the Birder's Inn, which is conveniently close to the bird sanctuary and owned by a bird-watching enthusiast. This calm place has just ten rooms, which are clean and comfortable and more spacious than many other mid-range lodgings. There's a small garden, and guests can dine at the inn's multi-cuisine restaurant.

Planes, Trains, and Auto-Rickshaws: A Journey Through Modern India by Laura Pedersen

Bird Sanctuary Road; tel. A recommended budget place is the family-run Falcon Guest House, which is not too far from the bird sanctuary and offers well-kept rooms the more expensive ones come with private balconies.

Modern Rickshaw Transport Truck Cargo Driving Rickshaw - Android Gameplay#2 FHD

Good meals are available. Back to Top. Center for Sustainable Destinations Learn how to preserve the authenticity of the places you love. Someone who cares about authenticity? Who has a point of view about where we should travel—and how? Then tell us what you think and be eligible to win a trip to almost anywhere in the United States. This style of tuk-tuk common in the Mekong River region Thailand and Laos may look the business but they are actually one of the slowest rickshaws around.

Mukdahan, Thailand. The Bubble Cuba The Cubans call this funny looking rickshaw the Coco taxis because they think it resembles a coconut. I can see where they are coming from but to me they look more like something you would find at the fairground, albeit with wheels. Bubble car in Old Havana, Cuba.

The Sidecar Rickshaw Philippines If rickshaws teased each other this one would be a constant source of amusement for all the others! A bit on the titchy side, you would think that a nation that invented the testosterone fuelled Jeepney would come up with something a bit more manly than this? Tagbilaran in Bohol, Philippines.

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Jeepney in Tagbilaran Bohol, Philippines not a rickshaw, but a very popular mode of transport. I avoid them like the plague these days you never get a fair price out of the driver and metered taxis in Thailand are much cheaper anyway but I still remember my first trip to Bangkok when a friend and I hired a tuk-tuk each and paid the drivers extra to race each other as fast as possible up and down Rama IV Road — great days! The Cage Bangladesh Known locally as baby taxis or CNGs because they run on compressed natural gas , the Bangladeshi auto rickshaw has to be one of the most frightening rickshaws that we have travelled in.

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This is particularly the case in Dhaka, where the traffic is insane to put it mildly. CNGs dart and skirt their way around the city and all you can do is sit back and hope you will arrive at your destination in one piece. The scariness of the journey is further compounded by the fact that you are entrapped in a cage and only the driver has the ability to let you out. Many locals refuse to use CNGs, citing them as too dangerous and opting for the slower but less confined cycle rickshaw instead.

Dhaka, Bangladesh. Battambang, Cambodia. Given your obvious love and admiration for the tuk-tuk, from now on we will provide a tuk-tuk service instead of a BMW X3 service when ferrying you from pub to pub. I just need to find a yellow one, with chrome and super go-fast wheels. The Thai version would be easy and very fast but if you went for the Indian or Sri Lankan tuk-tuk it could take a while to get anywhere …. I enjoyed this and, as always, great photos. Not sure but shared transport such Bemos and the like could be a good option.

Planes, Trains, and Auto-Rickshaws: A Journey Through Modern India

How cool! I liked the souped up one, the colourful Filipino one and the bubble one from Cuba. The cage one looks a bit like prisoner transport, no? Thanks and you are correct about the Bangladeshi one. It was also the scariest one to ride around in! Great and informative post, do you happen to know roughly how many auto rickshaws exist in the world?

Hi Kimberlee, thanks for your comment. Contact Us Subscribe Work with us. A look at Auto Rickshaws around the World but mostly in Asia! Negombo, Sri Lanka Coming in all shapes and sizes, here are a few auto rickshaws that we have spotted, travelled in, and laughed at over the years… The Mobile Shop Sri Lanka Who says you have to use your rickshaw to transport people?