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Consultants can run an independent business, while still picking up their children from school and supervising weekday play dates. When I speak to audiences of women, they frequently share with me their challenge of wanting to start a business but not knowing how to begin to structure it. The training materials, like how-to videos, and promotional content, like flyers and graphics, are a solution to that challenge and simplify the process of "becoming one's own boss" tremendously.

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In this way, Thirty-One Gifts and other direct selling companies that are targeted mainly toward women are promoting both the ability for women to run their own business where and when they want, and strong family values. Many direct selling companies were founded with corporate social responsibility as a basic value. This is a huge percentage, and it equals a huge impact. Direct selling companies are supporting Mayan women artists LulaRoe ; efforts to end domestic violence Mary Kay Cosmetics ; and confidence-building programs for women and girls Thirty-One Gifts , not to mention the countless other causes their consultants support with help from the companies.

This emphasis on giving back to the community may be due to the fact that direct selling is all about relationships.

Certainly, there are some companies that may focus primarily on profits, but the smart ones know that finding new customers is a lot harder than nurturing the ones you already have. These direct selling organizations focus on helping their independent sales consultants grow their own networks. They emphasize the idea that in order to lift oneself, you must help lift others, too.

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That's why direct selling companies often place a strong importance on trainings and get-togethers for their consultants. The hands-on learning is important, of course, but so is the feeling of sisterhood and support that these trainings generate. Some companies, like Thirty-One Gifts, go even further, incorporating volunteerism into their consultant gatherings.

This can have a multiplying effect, encouraging consultants from many different areas of the country to begin volunteering with their own teams back in their hometowns. A great example of this community-mindedness is Thirty-One Gifts' Heroes campaign, which runs through the month of July The company is encouraging people to celebrate their heroes, whether they be a single mom whose daily heroism often goes unsung or brave members of a local fire department, who humbly declare they're just doing their jobs, by sharing their stories on social media with the hashtag CelebrateHeroes.

The company is also offering new product embroidery designs to support the campaign that feature American and Canadian flags, first responder symbols, and of course, the small word that means so much: "Hero.

Direct selling companies have their detractors, and they always will. But the new generation of direct sellers, in particular, are working hard to change the face of direct selling into something that's helping women, helping families, and ultimately, helping their communities.

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Her most recent book is Momentum May When you think of direct selling companies, I bet you don't think of these words:. She uses her story to empower others, specifically women, to 1. Have Faith, 2. Focus and 3.

Wealthy Direct Sales Women

Take Action every day on your dreams. Her purpose is to empower women to discover their passion and become all that God created them to be.

Meet The Leader Who Is Bringing Direct Sales To The Women's Shapewear Market

Chereace believes that women can run a successful business, raise a happy family, and still have time for themselves. Having put her dreams to the side on a few occasions, she is now living a new, re-energized life, one that uses faith, focus and following through as its foundation.

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