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When you have allowed yourself sufficient time, continue with your reading and discussions:. With each breath you take you seem to reach out and connect with the color of things and flowers open wider when you look at them? To move your head or to lift your arm is to change the flow of life, like you are making ripples in a pool. Birds change their tune when you smile, and everything. Even the rocks are aware of the flowers. So aware, in fact, that you can sense the special bond between them.

Have you allowed yourself to flow into the water, to bond so completely that the life of water becomes your life? It is a bond in which all life participates and from which all life springs. Exercise 5: After you have read the above, you may want to discuss the following:. In order to more fully explore how to reach such a state of being, let us consider how other humans are able to connect with Nature. Consider the following possibilities:. It is living in the same field of information, sharing the same being of togetherness , bonded together in life itself, and sharing the dance of life as a people at one with all of Nature.

In the story of the manta, we can see how it is possible to communicate with Nature even when underwater. Several issues arise as we review this experience. It was one of those perfect days, when the naked rock seemed to hang suspended between the stark blue sky and the emerald blue-green water.

I was the first diver ready and I plunged over the side into the crystal clear, wonderful world of the tropical waters. The first thing I saw were three sharks ranging from 4 to 6 feet long. This is a rare sight in these waters, so I immediately swam toward them. But, as my companions followed me into the water, the sharks quickly swam away, and we began to swim leisurely across the bay. Exercise 7: Some of you may think I must have been totally out my mind to have swum toward those sharks.

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Why would a diver ever swim toward sharks? Assuming he is not out of his mind. If you have never scuba dived, or at least snorkeled in waters that contain sea life that you can enjoy, what could be done that would allow you the relatively rare privilege of scuba diving? Discuss with your team. The sea life there wears every imaginable color and sports every imaginable shape.

Needlefish are long silver tubules almost invisible against the white sand and bright coral. Red and yellow snappers abound in little schools in the hidden caves of the coral. We swam through schools of neon tetras, angelfish and puffers, who greeted us like little children wondering what we were all about. It was as though we were in a completely different world from the city on land.

Here, with the sunlight fairly dazzling us with its rippling waves of light dancing through the water, we were totally surrounded by a community of beauty. Exercise 8: How does this view differ from what is often portrayed in the mass media? Does the life within the sea live in a state of being in harmony?

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Under what conditions does harmony NOT exist? It was a sheer cliff and looking down into it raised my caution flags. Having just experienced three sharks, I began to wonder what creatures might be lurking in the darkness below. Suddenly, one of my underwater companions pointed both hands toward the deepest, darkest part of the abyss. As I peered into the darkness, it took a few moments before I realized an immense dark shape was looming toward us out of the depths. What steps must be taken to transform fear — in any situation? This creature of the wild was big, very big, and we were far, very far, from any safe retreat.


My fears were dissolved, however, when I made out the shape of a large manta ray. Black on the top and white on the bottom, it glided gracefully through the water, up over the ridge.

It began to circle the crater, feeding on the plankton. My three companions swam after it, trying to get close enough to hitch a ride on its 12 foot wingspan. I knew the manta was swimming too fast for us to catch, so I chose a different approach. Back to the story:. I imagined a world in which I was at my fullest potential, where I could sense what it was like to already be a manta in that world. Just for the fun of it, I took on the manta's state of being and began to move my arms as though I were a manta flying through the water in this world.

I was under about 30 feet of water and I opened my eyes to see what could have caused a wave at this depth. Right in front of me was a mouth about 3 feet wide. It was the manta! Exercise What could have possibly drawn the manta from its journey to the other side of the bay into a position right in front of me? Outline the evidence. Is there any difference between human-to-human telepathy and animal-to-animal or animal-to-human telepathy?

Exercise 13 continued: Do you believe that animals can actually comprehend what humans are thinking? Whatever you believe, based upon what do you have this belief? Do you believe that animals can respond with emotions wave dynamics?

The All Seeing Eye: A Symbol of Consciousness

It actually was pleased. Suddenly we were flying through the water, down and over the ridge right into the deepest, darkest part of the ocean. It took me right into the heart of the thing I had feared a few moments before - into the unknown darkness of the abyss. Exercise Why would the manta dive directly into the situation most feared by me?

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It pervaded my entire being. I was so immersed in the experience; it was as though I had become embedded in oneness with not only the manta, but with life itself. I never knew such peace could exist. There was no fear, even in the darkest corners or depths of the ocean.

I experienced a feeling of total harmony such as I hardly realized was possible. The manta was sharing a state of well being I had never known before. Understanding pervaded everything. It was as though I had become everything at once within my own being, and vice versa. Exercise Are there any accounts of others who have shared a similar experience? What evidence exists that could account for this experience?

Discuss this with others. The next thing I knew, we were flying over coral reefs as beautiful as anything I had ever seen - vivid colors, swarming fish of every imaginable shape and form and sunlight streaming over everything. I was overwhelmed with the beauty of this dance of life I was experiencing. I was no sooner becoming used to this panorama of ever changing beauty when, quite unexpectedly, we were flying among the stars.

I could see galaxies, novas and all forms of planetary systems as though we could swim uninhibited through time and space. Exercise What answer would you give to such a question? That is, how could an animal that is confined to the ocean actually have any knowledge of the stars?

Based on what do you give your answer? I just opened myself completely to the experience. We spent considerable time together, the manta and I, flying through space and time.